chlorodifluoromethane hcfc-米乐体育app官网

 chlorodifluoromethane hcfc-米乐体育app官网

chlorodifluoromethane hcfc-142b


molecular formula: ch3cclf2                un number: 2517                      danger class: 2.1

physical property

molecular weight 100.5 latent heat of evaporation under boiling point, kj/kg 215
boiling point (1 atm), °c -9 steam thermal conductivity(1 atm, 25 °c), mw/mk 9.4
density(30 °c), liquid, g/cm3 1.096 water solubility(25 °c), w% 0.14
critical temperature, °c 137.1 specific heat(30 °c), liquid, kj/kg °c 1.34
critical pressure, mpa 4.12 odp 0.057
critical density, g/cm3 0.435 gwp100 1980

quality index(hg/t 4795-2014)

appearance colorless transparent liquefied gas
purity,% ≥99.8
moisture,% ≤0.001
acidity(in hcl), % ≤0.0001
residue on evaporation,% ≤0.05

uses:  as working medium of high-temperature environment air cooler; as sensing medium of heat pump working medium and temperature control component

packing specification: recyclable steel cylinder 400kg/400l, 800kg/800l, 20mt bulk in iso tank.